• Audi RNS-E
    Audi RNS-E
  • Audi BNS 5.0
    Audi BNS 5.0
  • Audi MMI 2G Basic
    Audi MMI 2G Basic
  • Audi MMI 2G High
    Audi MMI 2G High

FISCON Bluetooth Handsfree for Audi

FISCON handsfree kits are available or under development for these cars and infotainment systems:

Which MMI system do I have?

Comparison of Product Lines

FISCON Bluetooth handsfree kits are available in different versions. Here you can review the most important differences:

Product Line Low Basic Plus Pro
Operation and data at the big center display
(e.g. Navigation Screen, MMI)
Operation with the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel
Uses the FIS display
Multi-function steering wheel recommended
Fully digital Sound and Data Transfer
Uses CD-Changer control interface for A2DP Music Stream
Technology CAN-Bus CAN-Bus CAN-Bus Fiber Ring
Price 249,-€ 249,-€ 299,-€ 399,-€
Function available
Function not available

The product lines are not available for all vehicles and infotainment systems. In most cases it is not possible to chose between different products. The selection of the right product depends on the specific configuration of the vehicle.


Audi RNS-E, MMI (Radio), MMI 2G, MMI 3G

Audi BNS 5.0

Audi A4 (8K), A5, A6 (4F), Q7,
and A8 (4E)
Audi A3 (8P), A4 (8E),
A4 (8H) and TT (8J)

Audi A3 (8P), A4 (8E),
A4 (8H) and TT (8J)