• Volkswagen RNS-310
    Volkswagen RNS-310
  • Volkswagen RNS-510
    Volkswagen RNS-510
  • FISCON Handsfree
    FISCON Handsfree
  • FISCON VW Microphone
    Mikrophone for invisible installation

FISCON Bluetooth Handsfree for Volkswagen

FISCON handsfree kits are available or under development for these cars and infotainment systems:

Comparison of Product Lines

FISCON Bluetooth handsfree kits are available in different versions. Here you can compare the most important differences:

Produktversion Low Basic Plus
Operation with the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel
Operation with the buttons on the wiper lever
Uses the MFA+ Display
Operation on the Touchscreen
Uses the Radio Display
Price 219,-€ / 249,-€ 249,-€ 299,-€
Function available
Function not available


Volkswagen RNS-310

Volkswagen RNS-510, RCD-510

White MFA+ Display Color MFA+ Display Red MFA+ Display
Volkswagen Touareg I GP (7L, Facelift)