• BMW iDrive
    Operation from iDrive...
  • BMW Steering Wheel
    ...and Steering Wheel.
  • FISCON Controller
    Compact Housing.
  • With Fiber Optic Interface
    With Fiber Optic Interface
  • BMW Microphone
    Microphone for invisible installation into the Dome Light (optional for F-series).

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FISCON Pro for BMW Radio Professional (F-Series)

Description of Functionality

With a FISCON Pro Bluetooth handsfree, your BMW Radio Professional (F-Series) allows for these functions:

Vehicle Integration
Display and operation from the center color screen.
Menu-driven operation
Establish, accept and end calls. Mute, regulate volume and numerous setup functions. Everything is operable with the existing buttons of the vehicle
Voice output through the vehicle speakers. With distinguished sound quality, no installation of additional speakers is necessary.
Uses the amplifier of the car for speech and music. OEM soundsystems are supported.
Operation via the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.
Usage of the ring-tone of the cellphone*1 on the vehicle speakers.
All original functions of the vehicle remain unaffected.
Optional microphone available exactly matching to the OEM position in the dome light. Enables completely invisible installation.
Voice control of the phone functions in combination with the present BMW voice control system.
*1 If supported by the cellphone.
Phone Functions
Synchronisation of the phonebook with names and numbers.*1
Access to call lists, including dialed, accepted and missed connections.*1
Shows incomming calls automatically with name synchronisation of the phonebook*1. Option to accept or decline a Call.
Up to 5 cellphones can be paired.
Digital sound processor with echo and noise depression.
Adjustable microphone amplification to optimize voice quality.
*1 If supported by the cellphone.
A2DP audiostream via Bluetooth, for playing music stored on the cellphone and internet radio through the vehicle sound system.*1
AVRCP controls the phone MP3 player with the buttons of the vehicle.*1
Distinguished music quality due to fully digital data transfer.
*1 A2DP and AVRCP must be supported by the cellphone. Only for cars without CD changer, iPod and USB interface.
Hardware, Installation, Maintenance
Coding at the BMW dealer is not required. The system makes the adjustement to the car fully automatic. No extra costs and garage visits.
Plug&Play Adapter based on fiber optics.
Easy electric installation. Just connect adapter and power supply.
Removes easily with no damage to the vehicle.
Option for software updates.
Updates for phone compatibility can be installed via bluetooth with a Windows Notebook or Android Device.
Standby power consumption is under 0,1mA (<0,0012W) Watt at 12V.

Car Compatibility

FISCON Pro handsfree kits for BMW Radio Professional (F-Series) are compatible with these vehicles:

BMW Models
1 Series - F20
3 Series - F30, F31
5 Series - F07, F10, F11
6 Series - F12, F13
7 Series - F01, F02, F03, F04
X3 - F25

Vehicles of the BMW F-Series require a special coding. Different to the E-Series this can´t be done automatically. Therefore a special coding tool is required. Without correct coding the handsfree does not work.

At Professional Radio it is possible that the radio does not has a fiber optic interface. In this case FISCON can be installed only in combination with a replacement of the radio. If other components using fiber optics, like CD-changer, iPod interface, HUD-display or a special soundsystem are already installed in the car, the radio is suitable. If you have doubts please verify which radio you have by making a sight check of the connectors or ask your BMW dealer. The BMW code for radios with fiber optics connector is AL2652.
Not suitable for radio professional NBT starting 2016.

Recommended Accessory

With these products you can ease the installation:

Cable Installation Guide
Install the microphone cable behind panels without removing them.
Fiber Ring Loop
Only required if a handsfree from factory has to be replaced.
Trim Removal Tools
Useful tools for disassembly of parts without damages.

Display CIC Business

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Phone Functions


Select Subnumber

Dialled Numbers

Enter a Number

Select a connected Phone

Remove a Phone

Functions during a Call

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